cervical cancer

Illness woke me up...

Burst of toxic shock syndrome zapping from my cervix through my body! I remember yelling out loud in agony when it would strike, along with continuous pain and bleeding. I remember getting ready for surgery and knowing that this was a connection to the loss of my mother and being alone in this life. It angered me to know that this dis-ease manifested from a crappy childhood! The worst pain I even felt!

All Healings start within...

The ThetaHealing® technique has been used to address a wide variety of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.
It provides amazing results and not limited to what your mind, body and soul wants to feel and does not demand anything from you!

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Abused & traumatized

From an early age, being abused was considered "normal" and both parents were among the few bad ones. Whether it be a slap, a kick, bullied, violated and/or molested, I became intuitively connected in order to keep myself safe. I had an acute radar and survival was essential. I would find peace out in the wilderness where I would spend hours with myself being connected to my surroundings.  I knew I had the ability to tap into the love and feelings that others felt and it would leave me sad as I wished I had that!

The spirit world

I realized that I was not alone...

My Journey led me down the path of spirituality. With my senses, I began to connect with the unseen forces of energy day & night. Feeling supported, I started to manifest and create opportunities in my life. Connecting patterns and dots. Learning to let go and heal the past was essential in moving forward. I started to read and study everything I could get my hands on and passionately wanted to understand life itself.

unwanted pregnancy

 I was an unwanted child and to be a girl born was upsetting to both my parents. My mother reminded me of this throughout my early years. Being told that I was a "mistake", that my needs weren't met and not being loved, gave me a hard start! I had to learn to love through my empathic senses, forgive my mother/father, learn to feel worthy of being loved, by myself and others.

My name is Nancy Lizotte and here's my story...


After my divorce, every step forward I tried to take, I fell back 2 steps. My health declined with depression, allergies, panic attacks and anaphylactic shocks. Desperate for help, no support, I allowed myself to cry. I stumbled on Abraham Hicks and Brad Yates and allowed the Universe to step in. While challenging life to prove to me that I was worthy of staying, I began to feel an inner power and some sense of control. My déjà-vu's kept me on track!

New beginnings

Not realizing that I allowed my soul self to step up and take initiative. My house sold and this Coaching Academy showed up. For the following 10 months, everyday was about Coaching. The knowledge of 'how' to shift a perspective and gain higher clarity was the icing on my cake. I began to heal, make sense and move forward. Not only was I helping myself but I was also equipped to help others which was remarkably rewarding. Then I hit an emotional block.

ThetaHealing® by Vianna stibal

It takes up to a maximum of 21 days to reprogram oneself and wanting to move at a faster pace, I kept going through these awful painful crashes in order to clear space. Your subconscious runs the show with a 80%-90% and your conscious with only 10%-20%. So just imagine, when your background runs the show and you want to change. It's an ultimate painful battle. One day, out of despair, I fell on ThetaHealing® and it changed my life!


At 16, I started to take control, I remember clearly the last time my mother tried to hit me over spilled soup, I instinctively grabbed her hand and warned her that this was the last time she would ever hurt me. I moved out temporarily and when I came back to apologize (in her world, it was always my fault) she had a moving truck and was moving over 700km away, leaving me behind. Now without a roof over my head, nor a home, I had no sense of safety!

I visited the Priest and left there crying, I was in desperate need of help!


Asking the right questions...

I learned fast to ask the right kind of questions and how to allow answers to come through. I also learned that if I read 10 books on the same topic, I would have access to the innate wisdom behind the topic discussed.

My life continued to be challenging, I developed severe allergies, asthma, anxiety, panic attacks and needed to get a grip on myself before it spiraled out of control. I started smoking, drinking and felt hopeless.