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I bring out your potential!

A graduate from iPEC Coaching Academy

Nancy has been instrumental in breaking my thought patterns, removing my judgements on others and on myself, letting go of my expectations, seeking knowledge, and looking within. Now, I can be in the moment and think differently thanks to Nancy. A coach who guided me through my life change, helped me see where I spent my energy and helped me shift it into better use and therefore create a new empowering woman who knows how to manifest her true desires. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Nancy, and you will be too. ~ Joline R.

Phenomenal Life Coach! Be prepared to make BIG life changes that will not only rock your entire world, but will help you realize all your goals. Nancy has the natural ability to help you realize your dreams and help you succeed in all that you are. She's supportive, empathetic, intelligent and resonates brilliance in all her work. ~ L.P.

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Intro price of $50 (45min)

During your session, you will:

  • get clarity surrounding your situation(s)
  • release heaviness and feel lighter
  • get answers to why your energy is blocked
  • get an intuitive body reading
  • gain insight on what your body needs
  • start an action plan to get moving forward
  • experience an energetic shift

Areas of Facilitating Coaching

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Money
  • Family & Friends
  • Spirituality
Professional Coaching Sessions (30 min)