Abused & Traumatized
From an early age, being abused was considered normal" in my life. Both my parents would lay their hands on me aggressively, with my father seemingly especially happy to kick and squeeze me hard and leaving bruises. Needless to say, he had a strong hate for women! I was slapped, kicked, bullied, rejected, and even violated and molested. Then at age 13, I had a tragic bicycle accident that left me unable to move for several days.  That accident killed my dream of becoming a gymnast, and moreover, doctors predicted that I'd be in a wheelchair by the age of 30. Being an Aries and resilient, my mindset was "bullshit, I will show you how wrong you are" and from that point on, I started working out, and transformed my legs from my greatest weakness to my greatest strength! 

After my divorce, every step forward I tried to take led me to fall back 2. My health declined with depression, allergies, asthma. panic attacks, anxiety, and episodes of anaphylaxis. I was in a 6-year legal battle, and I was hopeless & helpless. I was desperate for help, desperate for pain relief, and tired of struggling with life. I was deep in debt and quit my job on account of chronic hip pain. I asked the spiritual world why I was even here if I was to be in so much agony with my headaches, hip pain, rejection, anger and hate towards myself and towards life.  My perception of my life took a nosedive. I became a victim, at the effect of circumstances, and feeling limited and defeated, to the point of having such environmental allergies that without my 4 weekly injections, I couldn't even sustain breathing the air in the Fall season. And yet, life insisted that I stay.


The Spirit World
I realized that I was not alone.
My journey led me down the path of spirituality. With my senses, I began to connect with the world of guides and angels. Feeling supported for the first time in my life, I started to manifest and create opportunities in my life. Health became a priority, and I made my pain serve me as a constant reminder of that!
Following the improvement of my health, I became very intuitive and much more connected. However, only a little while later, I would be met with another major setback: I met and married a man who wouldn't allow me to be me, I struggled with suppression/freedom and not entitled to have a say, and I fell prey to his one-sided ways. Before long, cancer started to make its way back, and I had to face the reality that my marriage was going to be my demise if I didn’t do something about it. 


A World of Possibilities!

ThetaHealing® awakened me!
ThetaHealing® facilitated spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healings. I was healing my past, letting it go, and understanding the greater picture through the eyes of God, Creator, Source, Universe. I started to have faith in something greater than myself whereas before, I lived from a place of despair and survival. The more heaviness I cleared, the more intuitive and healthier I became. It became a fascinating journey on which my body was showing me how to heal all of my suffering. That was a whole new level of healing! For instance, as if on purpose, I got clumsy with my toothbrush and hit my gum line. As a result, a sore appeared that started to leak out the toxins and reduce the intensity of my chronic headaches. Who knew that the root canal post was the culprit.


At 16, I started to take control. I clearly remember the last time my mother tried to hit me over spilled soup: I instinctively grabbed her hand and warned her that this was the last time she would ever hurt me. I moved out temporarily, and when I came back to apologize (in her world, it was always my fault), she had a moving truck and was moving over 700km away, leaving me behind. Now, with no roof over my head, I had no sense of safety! Sure enough, I had another traumatizing accident where I hit a telephone post while driving at full speed and rolled the truck 3 times. When I came to, there was blood everywhere! I was pregnant at the time and didn't know that, during that violent accident, my root canal post tooth dug into my bone and nerve and would usher in the beginning of 27 years of chronic, debilitating headaches. Cursed with pain, I continued to wonder why life still wanted me when no one else did. 

Cervical Cancer - Illness woke me up.
One day, bursts of toxic shock syndrome started zapping from my cervix throughout my body! I remember yelling out loud in agony when it would strike, bringing with it continuous pain and bleeding. I also remember getting ready for surgery and knowing that this was the result of my connection to my mother, my abandonment issues, me not feeling safe and protected, and me being alone in this life. It angered me to know that this dis-ease manifested from a crappy childhood and all these issues about powerlessness, abuse, rejection, and a complete loss of control.


All Healings start within...

2020 became the year that my head sensed quietness and peace for the first time in over 25 years which also increased all my spiritual gifts ten-fold. I was always able to tap into the love within myself and facilitate amazing changes within my clientele. Meditation is part of my daily routine as well as taking care of my health and wellness. 

My name is Nancy and here is my story...

Unwanted Pregnancy
I was an unwanted child. On top of that, being born a girl was especially upsetting to both my parents, and they reminded me of this throughout my early years by telling me that I was a mistake. Hearing this over and over, I'd look up at the sky and wonder, why I was sent to the wrong family when I could feel love within me and they couldn't. My start in life was thus full of torture, shock, pain and trauma. Furthermore, my father was an alcoholic, and would always target me when he lost his cool in wanting to release his emotional/mental pain. I received it physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally.  

What's wrong with me?!
My life continued to be challenging.
I battled myself and needed to get a grip before I spiralled out of control. I started smoking, drinking, and feeling hopeless. I kept crashing and feeling depressed. I had chronic headaches that would overpower my being and leave me defeated yet again!! The pain became bigger than myself and I had no control.
This time, I needed to heal some inner blocks which went deeper than just coaching. Fortunately, by then, I knew how to connect with the Universal Forces, and so I started to ask questions to this Energy. The more I inquired, the more answers showed up. And one day, out of despair, I discovered ThetaHealing®.