Agate: Grounding stone that bring emotional, physical and mental balance and help overcome negativity, headaches, bitterness and inner anger.

Amber:  This is not a crystal but petrified tree sap. It has the power to draw out disease. Gets rid of stress, stimulates metabolism, asthma, allergies, great stone for all the internal organs.

Amethyst: Increases clairvoyance and divine connection, migraines, concentration and confidence in life. Brings clarity to the conscious & unconscious mind.

Aventurine: Brings adventure, courage, optimism in our life and helps us create our dreams. Promotes tranquility & patience.

Carnelian: Gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates success in business and other activities. Promotes good digestion.

Coral: Protects against negative energy while also preventing loss of energy. Good to wear during menopause, for blood and circulatory disorders. Symbolizes joy and happiness.

Fire Opal: Love and strengthens the immune system and stabilizes the circulation of the blood. Brings movement into life by encouraging enthusiasm and spontaneity.

Fluorite: For learning, infections, pain. Helpful blocked energy, respiratory problems, arthritis. Ease joint pain and stiffness.

Goldstone: Stimulates nervous system and ensures the harmonious functioning of all the organs. Promotes good humour, cheerfulness and good temper.

Hematite: Protective, grounding, used in treatment of arthritis and high blood pressure. Promotes blood formation. Encourages spontaneity and a zest for life.

Jade: Protection, healing, absorbs negative energies, does not need to be washed. Symbolizes renewal and luck.

Jasper: Combats exhaustion, beneficial for liver, spleen, pancreas. Symbolizes will power.

Lapis Lazuli: Promotes clear understanding adn intuition, helps to balance the thyroid gland while strengthening neck and vocal cords. Ideal against depression, inspiration and wisdom. Not to be used on people with low blood pressure.

Malachite: Promotes growth, builds up strength, understanding, spirituality and stimulates concentration, meditation state.

Quartz: Brings clarity, healing.

Rose Quartz: Used for love and heart healing. It is the most effective stone against damaging radiation. Opens the mind for beautiful things. Alleviates pain.

Snowflake Obsidian: Stimulates circulation, strengthens body's, combats allergies. Can raise blood pressure, promote intuition and protect against negative influences.

Sodalite: Promotes inspiration and creativity while also providing protection. Reducing high blood pressure, calming, helps nervous system and glands.Symbolizes self-confidence and loyalty.

Sunstone (Aventurine): Stomach and bowels issues, good for quick tempered people. Promotes peace and contentment and drives away anger.

Tiger's Eye: Helps our ability to see the future, integrates both sides of the brain, used in accomplishing goals. For asthma, headaches, migraines.

Turquoise: Throat, lung infections, stomachaches, rheumatism, gout, infections. Pain and reduces inflammation. Gives self-confidence and promotes endurance.

Unakite: Strengthens immune system. Stimulates metabolism and digestion. Encourages patience, optimism and self-confidence.

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