A lot of my heaviness is gone. I also see my guardian Angel taking flight away. I’m going away for a few days. When I come back, I would like to sign up for a three session deal. Not sure how it’s working with my mom, I’m going to visit her next week. Thanks for the session. I loved it. C.P

Again, thank you for the reading. I have spent the last week and a bit reflecting on your words. Key words that you mentioned like failure, unwanted and unworthy really resonated with me. I think deep down I have felt that way my entire life, and most recently I have been feeling that way in my relationship with my husband and to a certain extent, my adult children. Thank you. Z.F

I felt quite tired after our chat so I took a nap, woke up feeling less pain and more confident. I went to walk a dog and returned still tired, so I napped again. I’m feeling a great deal of relief! Thank you for a great talk today Nancy. A. L

Thanks again Nancy, you are fantastic! I’m glad that you will be part of my journey. Oh and I just wanted to let you know that I told my husband that my session was amazing and he sent me a beautiful picture of a rose and said “I deserve it” as he knew I was working on myself. Thanks again. J

Thanks so much, I will definitely contact you again. I actually felt more calm with my kids tonight and less irritable. Is that possible with one treatment?

Thank you for your support. Your energy is like light. It’s easy to be with you. XXX

For me, it’s time to shift, it felt like I was poised… Thanks XXX

I believe I’m still adjusting, I am feeling much better today, somehow restless. I can coordinate my body, my sharp mind is back. I feel confidence growing in me. I really feel good. More confidence, an inner peace and excited to start back at my old job Tuesday. Thank you for getting me through the tough stuff. Now I want to focus on the fun stuff ❤  A. Collins, North Bay, ON

So we need to have our talks this early all the time, it lights up the motivation fire under my butt that I need!!! Thank you so much!!!

I really needed this today, thank you for reaching out, you always do at the most perfect time! Have an amazing day as well! You rock! Honestly, I’m so blessed to have you!! C.M, Temiskaming Shores, ON

I feel the energies and just feel like I’m on a spiritual high!! Thank you for today xoxox

Hello, I’m doing really well, I already feel lighter and more positive! I’ve had some good talks with my boyfriend and I told my mom how proud I am of her! I slept pretty well the night of the call. C.A

I have had many healings throughout my time and I came across Nancy that offered me a healing session. I couldn’t believe how kind and compassionate she was during these healings, there seem to be a lot of beliefs that were stopping me to move forward and with Nancy's help, we started to clearing them one by one and with ease, it was as if my story was erased and my true reality was placed in my belief system. It has been a long time that someone really cared about what I think and what I felt and I found that in Nancy. She also saw my Angel that I consistently work with and thought it was all in my head. But the validation that she gave me was something I never experienced before the strings of the Universe played music in my heart! This has been a tough journey for me and I highly recomment Nancy and I will definitely see her again! A.S

Thank you again ❤
Just before you mentioned blues and purples, after I mentioned ‘peace’ my eyes were closed, yet I saw a ‘release of blue/purple butterflies’. Wild! Aleda Biccum, Canada

Headache of 2 days is gone!
A lot of things are making sense as I process them. Just to let you know I have been so full of energy today and I just feel light. Yesterday was both my husband's bday and my mums. I thought about it but the tears didn't come. I was happy and energetic all day. Even now when i think about it im ok. Even talked to my dad and still. Ok. me thinks you're a magician! [❤]K.H - Temiskaming Shores, ON

Hi I’m feeling amazing. I have been feeling so calm and what normally would stress me out at work didn’t
ThAnk you so much for this incredible experience [❤️] A.B - Temiskaming Shores, ON

Nancy’s ThetaHealing session was outstanding. Her intuition is indeed her superpower and her ability to tune in and connect to me and what was going on was just what I needed exactly when I needed it. I went from feeling heavy with sadness and guilt about a loss I experienced, to her lovingly and supportively clearing it away where in a short 30 minutes, I was smiling and remembering the joy and love and not the grief, heaviness and sadness. It was an incredible experience that I highly recommend anyone feeling stuck, stagnant, heavy and low energy to engage in.
~ Bridgette 💖

Nancy has this wonderful ability to see beyond your issues. She has comforted my wounds and helped me heal. Her energy is very loving yet powerful . Great in finding and shifting your beliefs. She has an amazing energy that brings peace, compassion and comfort into your space . Wonderful gift to the world she is . Thank you Nancy Lizotte you are wonderful healer. - Emilia Balcerzyk, London, United Kingdom

Nancy did a Theta-healing scan for me and it was truly amazing... the information she was able to tell me was spot on and the observations picked up were mind-blowing... would definitely recommend anyone looking for some clarity/guidance to give this a try... I will most definitely be visiting Nancy again in the near future💖 - Melissa Rese, Iroquois Falls, ON

Nancy did a Past Life Reading and Clearing using ThetaHealing and it was amazing. She's incredibly gifted and intuitive. Her messages really resonated for me. I highly recommend! - Allison Field, Colorado

I can't believe what Nancy has told me when she did a scan!!!!!

To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first, but after reading my results, definitely not skeptical at all. She mentioned things I've never told anyone or posted on social media. Thanks so much again Nancy!!! - Jenn Cadeau, Temiskaming Shores, ON

Thank you Nancy for your very insightful past life reading! You nailed it, I was both surprised and impressed and left with a total understanding as to why it was so important for me to learn and master the lessons I have in this incarnation. You are excellent at what you do! - Kori Lawrence, Kirkland Lake, ON

 Just want to let you know, I feel so relaxed & calm, serene. I haven't felt like this in a long long time. I feel like just putting up my feet & let myself go into a relaxing sleep. Thanks!! - Diane Gingras, Temiskaming Shores, ON

I had my first Theta Healing session with Nancy last week and it was amazing to see so many shifts in such a short period of time. Just overnight I noticed major shifts in my nephew, myself and other close family members. I’m excited to see what other abundance flows into my life in the months to come. Nancy is truly a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her and will be booking a follow up appointment soon! 💖 Dominique Cadeau, Cobalt, ON

Have you ever experienced a theta healing session before?
I have and let me tell you.. sure felt good the next day... I had never heard of this before and I was approached to try it out.. I have been bottling a lot of my past relationship feelings like anger, insecurity, anxiety, fear.. and more.. I was skeptical of trying this as it's hard for me (as people know) to meditate and relaxation isn't really me (maybe little ADHD 🤣).. I was nervous when I got there and yes, I giggled a bit at the beginning but then I was able to concentrate and focus and yes relax.. I was at eased and it felt good... the next morning, I felt less stress and seem to have more of a positive attitude like I lost weight off my shoulders.. I am a believer that's a fact and I am looking forward to booking another session.. We are lucky to have someone in our area who practices this .. If your are struggling with your past or any negative feelings like anxiety, fear, insecurities, anger and more, I strongly recommend to research this or even better, try it out.. Thank you so much Nancy Lizotte for approaching me with this..💕Lorrie.Gervais, Temiskaming Shores, ONYou're awesome! ~ Tonya C. 

Thank you Nancy for introducing me to a different world of healing. I am very grateful for your helpful insights and positive outlook on life. This has helped me significantly on my path to wellness. And I will continue to spread the word because it all starts with you.
Much love :) ~ Jefferey L.

Nancy has been instrumental at breaking my thought patterns, judgements on others and on myself, to let go of expectations and to seek knowledge, not answers and to look within. I can be in the moment and think differently thanks to Nancy. A coach who guided me through my life change, helped me see where I spent my energy and helped me shift it into better use and therefore create a new empowering woman who knows how to manifest her true desires. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Nancy and you will to. ~ Joline R.

Hey Nancy, it's Matty from Cuba, I was pretty stoked to find you. You helped me out a lot in the limited time we talked and to meet someone who cares about what happens to me years down the road. It was awesome to have met you, you don't meet too many gems like you very often in life.
Hugs to you ~ Matt B.

 Nancy has a warm loving spirit and has shown me that all things are attainable. She came to my home and worked with me one on one. Her techniques were amazing as I learned so much, she is as genuine as they come. She has a wealth of knowledge and she truly wants to see you succeed. ~ Anita L

I felt quite tired after our chat so i took a nap, woke up feeling less pain and confident. I went to walk a dog and returned still tired, so i napped again. Im feeling a great deal of relief! Thankyou for a great talk today Nancy - A.L - Kirkland Lake, ON

I had a Theta session on the phone, It was such a great experience to actually visualize and feel my cells speaking back to me. The moment I opened up my eyes after the session was complete, it was a sensation of a new awakening in a new world. It is now my dimension. It was bright and I felt this peace and happiness take over my heart Chakra. Thank you again Nancy - Angele Boudreau, Sturgeon Falls, ON

I will never forget the difference you made me feel with my panic attacks, anxiety and depression and that was just about a year ago.....❤️❤️❤️ Nancy is truly amazing 😊 S.C

 I will NEVER forget the difference you made with me 💜🦋L.D

I'm actually freaked out at how I feel. I feel calm and okay. I still have a bit of anxiety when I wake up but I'm able to calm myself down. I don't have the urge to cry and I'm content
You're a miracle worker. I'm so blown away [💕]Danika

I have had a couple of Theta Healing sessions with Nancy and have felt uplifted and clearer after each one. Nancy held space beautifully for me to focus and gain understanding of what was limiting me from progressing and why I kept doing the same repeatedly. That limitation was healed and I am able to move towards the next steps. I found Nancy's clarity, expertise and approach in the session enabled me to answer some tough issues and to accept and resolve them. It is amazing that shifts happen so quickly and next layer is revealed that can also be addressed. Thank you, Nancy, for supporting me on this journey. MP.

Nancy Is a very kind, respectful, detailed and knowledgeable thetahealer. She is able to use intuition and discernment to dig deeply to uncover a recurring pattern and change the hidden driver beliefs. Fun.
Janet Charette

Hi Nancy. I can't thank you enough for yesterday. I know I still have a lot to work through and it's going to be a process, but I feel so much lighter already. I feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted and I can finally breathe a little better. I think the blame was really holding me back from moving forward.
Maddie Faulkner
New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada

I heard about Nancy from a friend of mine. I had a concern about an occupant in my rental I couldn't resolve. After about 3 minutes and a couple questions Nancy discovered that the source of my anxiety was actually tied to a belief I had about God. Nancy conducted the energy work work quickly and painlessly. After our session I felt relieved and a little devoid of emotion, and after a few days I realized all the things that worried me and took up my energy just didn't cause me distress so I am able to be more productive. The same old worries aren't wearing me out all the time. I will contact her the next time I feel some unresolved issues building up.
Lisa Middleton
Montana, U.S.A

"I had lost my father this day 8 year's back. I never got a chance to see him n know the truth behind his all of sudden death which had been bothering me for years n year's. I'm not good at talking to ancestor else would have talked to him using Theta, I was crying sitting in the temple and the mystery of his death was killing me inside and I prayed to God to bring the truth to me today to pacify my soul. Thanks to my friend Nancy Lizotte who helped me and responded to my request and gave me a session to unravel this mystery and after talking to my dad's soul everything was revealed the true reason how he passed away and y he had to leave. Sometimes the person who is guilty in himself plays the blame game to protect his truth ,his true face but soul and God reveals the truth. My step brother had been claiming me the coz of my dad's death and the blame had suffocated me in the year's. I'm grateful for my soul family,my friends and this day which had brought me the truth through you all guys n God. Thanks to Theta healing and God , today I saw him ascending in the further plane after 8 year's today and is what Nancy validated. I did some healing on his soul yesterday and could feel how good Theta is thru God. Thanks Nancy ❤❤❤ God bless you"
Angel Mann
New Delhi, India
Phenomenal Life Coach! Be prepared to make BIG life changes that will not only rock your entire world, but will help you realize all your goals. Nancy has the natural ability to help you realize your dreams and help you succeed in all that you are. She's supportive, empathetic, intelligent and resonates brilliance in all her work. ~ L.P.

Wow, I am so glad I reached out to Nancy and booked a session! I had been dealing with the same issue over and over again for years and after working in many other modalities, I just couldn't seem to get to the core of the problem. My session with Nancy was awesome and we were able to clear so many things - she was able to pick up on many different aspects that were keeping this issue in place. After our session I felt lighter, rejuvenated, much more connected to my power, energy, and back to my vibrant self!
- Melissa Lamoureux

I experienced an amazing session with Nancy earlier this month. Her genuine spirit created a space that felt safe and inviting for me to get in touch with beliefs and feelings that were holding parts of me back from showing up to my full potential. Since our session, I have felt more aligned, more authentic, and more confident. I appreciate you Nancy for who you are and how you serve! Look forward to working with you more in the near future!
- Cassandra Gaddis

Hi Nancy, I sincerely enjoyed my ThetaHealing® sessions... It was spiritually and emotionally Awakening for me. I know so many more people out there are going to be thankful for the gift you have. When you haven't had the benefit of ThetaHealing® it's hard to believe the life altering changes it can make to you. The more people who know this the better I say [😊] Thank you for everything you helped me with.

Hey lady...so I have to tell you. I had something happen this morning that brought tears to my eyes. I did my thank you's this morning and my question. My question this morning was “how can I help someone today and make a difference in their life?” I received a message this morning from a lady/friend on our team reach out to me telling me she’s not in a very good place right now and needs some help.
Oh my goodness...I have to fight to hold back the tears. Lol...I’m at work and dont want to cry...even though its tears of happiness.
- J.

My ThetaHealing® experience with Nancy was more than amazing. She is a highly intuitive Theta Healer and Life Coach that immediately was able to tune into my hidden issues. She provided me not only with a much-needed healing, but also gave me accurate readings to specific life issues. Through Nancy’s tailored and dynamic healing approach I learned a lot about myself and what I needed to release and focus on in order to get a breakthrough in my life. I got a 100% increase in my outlook on everyday life. I am feeling emotionally much more stable and physically grounded I want to take on the world!!. Thanks, Many Thanks Nancy. You are a wonderful healer!!
- Pavle Luger

Nancy is a fantastic healer. She was able to pick up on things that many others had not. I can already tell that the shifts in beliefs she was able to help me make will have a profound effect on my life as the old beliefs we got rid of were really holding back from achieving my dreams. On top of that, she makes the whole process fun and isn't scared to find humour in the healing process with you. A healing session is a lot lighter and fun when you can laugh throughout. I very highly recommend a session with her.
- Yves Leblanc

Years ago Nancy helped me through a very difficult time and our healer/client relationship came to a natural close when the work was done (the beauty of Theta!). Well Nancy has come back into my life and I just had my first session in ages and I already feel like a million bucks. I feel lighter and more confident in myself as I head towards the future. Thank you Nancy, you are nothing short of an earth angel and an amazing healer.
- L.V

Nancy and ThetaHealing® together is an amazing combination, its the game changer. She’s a professional, very confidential, intelligent, compassionated, understanding soul, she holds no judgement on you, none! She’s a pure example about being passionate, she loves what she does, and her actions speak on their own; its beautiful. It fills every session with laughs and giggles lol.
If you want to change your life around from a negative state, feelings, patterns... to a positive happy loving life, she as the tools and knowledge to guide you and support your will.
She shifted my life in the last year, thank you Nancy
- Raymond

I was very excited to have been gifted a mini reading from Ms. Lizotte. She told me about my guardian angel and dormant clairvoyant abilities I haven't tapped into yet. This info made me even more excited and I can't wait to work one-on-on with her. I'm looking forward to her helping me to tap into new skills and abilities.
Thanks! - Kai Blackman

I received a body scan from Nancy and let me tell you she was bang on. Made me feel connected and made me cry.... five stars!!!!!!
- Sam

Nancy, your great at everything you do!! You have not only helped me with closure to certain questions I needed answers to but also gave me peace of mind, change my way of thinking, and helped me with health issues and my relationship, and all with giving me a portion of your time. I will forever be thankful to you for this. XO
~ Marce

I had a ThetaHealing® session with Nancy Lizotte & it went very well. Nancy was working on something completely different & after my session finished a slight blocked nose I had beforehand had cleared afterwards. Nancy is very intuitive & can see very clearly into your own body as she did with me. There was stuff inside of me that she knew was blocking me. And I could feel Nancy clearing me of all of my blocks that were inside of me. I felt a lot lighter after the clearance. Thank you Nancy for clearing me.

Amazing! Mind blowing. Everything you said is accurate. This came at a perfect time for me. You really helped me a lot. Thank you. Much light & blessings to you. [❤️]
~ A.L

Thank you Nancy for having myself and my daughter Tammy over for your information and meditation session. I am truly grateful and honored by your wisdom and guidance. We will definitely do this again. Thank you friend, from the bottom of my heart.
~ Pauline MacDonald

I have had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Nancy a few times and have also been part of a few of her live stream meditations and lectures. She is very knowledgeable and always provides very useful and interesting tools and information.
I was very fortunate to be able to do a one on one session with her and it was AMAZING! She is very accurate and shows a great deal of compassion to her clients. I was deeply touched by her knowledge and her ability to help me understand and see things about myself that sometimes are hard to see. Nancy is truly gifted and I am looking forward to continue to connect with her. I am very thankful to have crossed paths with her [❤️]
- Angelica L.

All I have to say is WOW, you couldn't have been more accurate with the information you have given me, had goosebumps reading it and only left me wanting more.
This has really touched me. Thx again!!
~ M.D

After are conversation, i chitchat with my roommate a bit, then left for my walk, I was full of get up and go, like a big kid on a mission, low back was rejuvenated and i was full of joy [😊]
Thanks Nancy for the difference you are making in my life [😊] [🌈]
~ Ray

WOW, that's awesome!! Thank you.
~ R.P

Hi Nancy,
Thank you, this was beautiful and came at time needed. [💕] everything resonated with me.. [💕] [💕] [😇]your results are beautiful.. I will keep you in mind. [👍] [😊] [💕]
~ Felicia G.

Un gros merci, thanks a lot, I put some tobacco to the fire thanking you and sending it your way. Gratitude is the word that comes to mind. May abundance come your way and my way [:)]
~ N. Leblond

It works!!! Experiencing Theta Healing with Nancy has been an adventure! I still don’t completely understand how it works (though I get the idea of it), nor do I fully believe in what it does (because I am always a little skeptical), however it has impacted me in a positive way. I am calmer, more mindful, and “in-flow”. I love that you can come as you are in to this experience and that Nancy’s energy welcomes you with ease and fun. Together we’ve explored a couple of challenges I feel I was having. After our sessions I immediately felt lighter in my level of stress and more open to opportunities to see shifts happen for me in the areas we worked on. I invite anyone looking to explore what’s holding them back, or just look at what is possible, to schedule a conversation or book a full session of Theta Healing with Nancy. You don’t have to believe or know the “how” for you to feel a difference. Just bring yourself!
Hello! Wow thank you for that incredible session yesterday. I had no expectations going in to it all -- I LOVED the way you Coached me and got a ton of value out of it. Really, really appreciate the work you do. Thank you.
You're truly divine! xoxox

Big Thanks for your Inner Healings, feeling very energetic, you have awaken my inner CHILD. Blessing & Gratitude to you. [❤️] ~ R.P

Weird physical stuff happening and opportunities showing up, I can just get up and go, new job, small simple high reward business opportunity. Just so you know, something around me from in me is shifting. This morning was like i could breath again, my lungs, they opened up(lungs).
You're awesome! ~ Client

Very calming atmosphere massage was amazing! Theta healing was very interesting and helpful. Awesome experience definitely will be returning. Nancy was very knowledgeable in all the questions I asked. [❤️] - Shelley G.

I worked with Nancy for six weeks and I cannot even begin to tell you the difference it made for me! I struggled with fibromyalgia, pain, low energy and more that prevented me from enjoying life or working as much as I wanted. I was totally new to any type of energy work.
In six short weeks, faster than that, really, my life began an incredible change. I have energy all day long, my mind is constantly humming with creative ideas and my pain is nearly zero. I can honestly say my fibromyalgia seems to be a thing of the past. My mindset is completely different. I am confident and ready to pursue new ventures. My business is growing by leaps and bounds. I am more active than I have been in years. My mind has completely opened up to the power of energy work and I can't imagine how I made it so long without it. I am truly blessed to have met Nancy and to have worked with her and her incredible ThetaHealing®
Thank you so much, Nancy, for giving me my life back! ~ T. K.

Nancy, your energy and love for what you do shines and is very contagious. I felt empowered with you and could trust you. You've come into my Life right at the perfect time! Thank you ~ L.

Thank you for being who you are and for sharing with me your knowledge, compassion and positive energy. My session with you brought clarity to my past life experiences. Nancy, you reassured me that I wasn't alone and that no one needs to feel alone... 
To change my thoughts. Thank you ~ Kerry M.

I must say, I have worked with Nancy and she has an incredible ability to help reduce your stress and respond to life differently! I haven't been the same... In a very good way! ~ Teresa

Changing my life from the inside out! I came across Nancy’s coaching ad in a Facebook group and decided to take her up on her introductory offer. That first session was something I cannot even explain, I felt a shift almost immediately. We quickly transitioned from coaching to a combination of coaching and theta therapy. Every week our session uncovered deeply ingrained beliefs that were holding me back. The changes are quick and painless (unlike therapy!!). In fact, I call what Nancy does “Ther-happy”. I would never hesitate to recommend her to a friend and hope that everyone can have a Nancy in their life. ~ Louise V.

Before working with Nancy, I felt insecure in certain areas of my life and I never really thought of myself as a creative person. I always told people "I am not good at creating things but I am good at duplicating things". I no longer feel that way. I feel very secure in myself and with who I am. I have become very creative at cooking, I have created and implemented several tools for work and my new business. Working with Nancy truly changed my life. Thanks for everything! ~ Sincerely, Lois

Nancy, you're the one that brings the "wonderful" out. All the best my dear. In just a few short days, you shattered my belief that I was socially impotent and incapable of relating to anyone new in my life to any significant extent. But in a few short days, you shattered that harmful belief and for that I'm grateful for you.   
Thank you for everything Nancy, you've been a great supportive figure in my life and I look forward to a great friendship, professional and personal in the future. ~ Client

Hi Nancy, thanks for the session, it was really wonderful to experience working with you! It is important for me to be able to know that I can experience big shifts and changes in a session. I have literally had over 200 sessions with Healers and Coaches. My expectations are very high and I felt a shift working with you today. I was moved at the end of our session and look forward to working with you next week.
Many Thanks ~ R.

Nancy's enthusiasm for life is on fire! She loves to help others achieve their best in her expertise in life coaching. She's a pleasure to talk too, hard working and full of determination. She's inspiring in many ways. I'm grateful to have met her and look forward to networking with her more often! ~ Lisa P.

I enjoyed Nancy's calm, relaxing and knowledgeable approach. ~ Laura 

I respect and admire your consciousness of self that sets you on the path for inner and outer improvement and awareness on a daily basis Your drive to help others (myself included) is something all people can learn from. You have an open mind and an open heart that is magnetism. ~ Sean

I completely believe that you know that you are a spiritual being living in a human body.
You are a good soul Nancy xo ~ Jen

Hello Nancy, I first want to say, YOUR AN AMAZING INSPIRATION TO ALL PEOPLE!! I wish I can control my mind in such a way and I know it's possible. Thanks again Nancy for the work that you do, people like you make this world a better place and you're an Angel here on Earth, I hope you know that!! ~ Jennifer P.

Thank you, I love what you are able to do. ~ Client

Thank you so much for coming into my life. I am grateful. ~ Client

She is truly an amazing person and great at what she does, would highly recommend her. ~ Client

Since our Coaching experience, I've realized so much! I can relate better to those around me, I feel more understanding or aware and really notice the impact of negativity in relation to behaviours. I've realized that walking clears my mind and that I need to take more control and communicate differently with certain individuals. I finally was able to speak to my mother, to let her know how I feel in a way that she can understand. I have so much energy now, I feel happier all around. I also notice that I don't seem as concerned about money. I feel that the time spent alone is more productive but also more pleasurable. Things seem to appear when I need them, I feel calmer and more confident that things are working out for me.
Thank you ~ Brenda H.

Nancy is an amazing woman! You're awesome at what you do, that's for sure and it has definitely helped me change my life in all the right ways... I swear ever since you came to my house, I've had nothing but good luck with getting jobs I've wanted, Thank you,

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