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Testimonials from Foot Spa Therapy Course

Tonya C. ~ (Foot Spa Therapy Student)
This course is absolutely fun, self paced, knowledgeable and worth taking. I never realized the value and importance of caring for my feet and the effects of touch with the reflexes on feet in relation to locating sore areas on the body just from massaging your feet. And about essential oils and their different uses. Nancy is an amazing woman and I hope in the near future that she does more courses that I can take as I would like to learn more about self-awareness...

Lisa P. ~  (Student) Foot Spa Therapy Workshop
Nancy's enthusiasm for life is on fire! She loves to help others achieve their best in her expertise in life coaching. She's a pleasure to talk too, hard working and full of determination. She's inspiring in many ways. I'm grateful to have met her and look forward to networking with her more often!

Shelly K. ~ (Student) Foot Spa Therapy Workshop
OK so my word for this weekend is WOW... This was an amazing opportunity for me I am so not done with learning. I can say I love to learn. Loved my foot spa course this weekend. So much love shared. Really starting to see my new chapter clearer....

Joy G. ~ (Student) Foot Spa Therapy Workshop
The whole experience & knowledge of the course was great. I will enjoy sharing my health and wellness with others in giving foot spas.

Kathie P. ~  (Student) Foot Spa Therapy Workshop
This was a very enjoyable course. Nancy's ability and knowledge surpasses my expectations. She's a great teacher and I feel fortunate to have had her share her knowledge with us. She truly is a Professional. Everything was amazing but the most amazing for me was learning the connection with your feet, mind, body and sole.

Sherry W. ~ (Student) Foot Spa Therapy Workshop
The Foot Spa Therapy Workshop opened my eyes to more of what's out there. How the energies in our bodies and in life are so important to be aware of. I enjoyed the positive atmosphere and the small group setting which was more comfortable as opposed to having a large group.

Laura R. ~  (Student) Foot Spa Therapy Workshop
I am so glad that I took this workshop & are finally on my way to starting my business. This has been something I have wanted to do for the last 6 years. I will be in touch for your coaching help to get me going with this. When taking this course, there is no good or bad information, there is only a scale of how relevant the information is to your current interests. I would say this course was 99.9% on the mark.

Jenn G. ~ (Student) Foot Spa Therapy Workshop
Nancy has wonderful energy. Very personable and also professional. I would be interested in any type of workshop given by her. Excellent content and history within the book, it all flows well together.

Nicole M. ~ (Client) Feedback on Ointment Product for Muscular Aches & Pain
I LOVE the smell of the ointment. I use MSM cream which is very medicinal smelling The effects of your ointment is the same as my MSM cream. After 3 times using it, my usually flaky skin is baby soft wherever I have used your ointment, I definitely don't get that result from MSM.