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Testimonials from Students

My experience with Nancy as my teacher was amazing. The one on one teaching was very connecting and I learnt so much in this modality. I would definitely encourage others who are thinking of participating in this special option to give it a try as it is very personal and you get to have all your questions fully answered in a profound way as a student. - Angele Boudreau, Cache Bay, ON

Thank you so much Nancy Lizotte for this opportunity to learn about the amazing possibilities with Theta Healing. You compassion, kindness and humor made course fun and enlightening! Happily looking forward to the journey of all there is to learn and do!😊💗 - Jo-Ann Alexander, Temiskaming Shores, ON

Honestly the best experience of my life Nancy !!!!!!!! I’m still overwhelmed with appreciation, joy and happiness with all that you guided me into learning and intuitively feeling, seeing. It has changed my life already ! I can feel the shifts constantly xoxo - Cileah Mejaki, New Liskeard, ON

Good evening beautiful lady... Today is day two after our course and I'm feeling like I am still flying high. I would like to thank you for teaching me Theta Healing, also bring this beautiful healing into my life. You have been working with me for 3 years now. I am beyond excited to continue to learn and practice. You did an amazing job teaching. Your kind and very patient with your students. Sharing your unconditional love and making us feel safe as we start opening up on things we need to let go without even knowing we had that as the underlying belief or cause. As the days have past I can't believe how relaxed and more at peace I am. Thank you your amazing and a joy to learn from. I look forward to learning the next level from you. Love always     Shelly xo    North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Hi Nancy! Providing my feedback! I found the Theta Healing Course to be quite amazing. It resonated well with me. I like the small group. I found sometimes we moved quickly through some things and I didn't have time to digest it or complete my notes. However everything we need is in the book. You know your stuff and I feel you are there for us as your students to provide further guidance. Thank you so much for coming to Timmins. I am so glad I was able to take it!
definitely want to take the next step when I am ready!      Tracey Hebert-Bouchard, Timmins, Ontario, Canada

"The Theta Healing course was incredible. I learned way more than I anticipated. There was a lot to cover, but I felt it was a very amazing thorough course. Nancy did a great job of teaching us also nurturing each of us through the process of learning, receiving, and releasing. Thank you Nancy for a wonderful three days has changed my life for the better."
Tonya Dube, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The course theta healing is amazing [😉] I love it because of the work that it does and the connection to creator is wonderful
Jason Pelchat, Sudbury, ON

"I made a very last-minute decision to take the ThetaHealing Basic DNA course from Nancy Lizotte not knowing exactly what to expect. The course was definitely an amazing learning experience and I am excited to continue enhancing my Theta healing modality. So proud of my classmates and grateful for Nancy's wisdom and kindness."
Wendy McCoy, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you Nancy for providing me the opportunity of and experience Theta Healing in a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment. Your willingness and openness to share your knowledge and experience made this weekend exciting and enjoyable. Your gentle and warm nature, encouragement and guidance allowed me to learn, to experience and to truly understand that anything is possible. Having the opportunity to practice the skills learned proved that I can do this. Your willingness to take the extra time to explore beliefs, blocks and emotions when they arose made learning so much easier. I have learned so much in such a very short time. I look forward to participating in future classes that you offer."
Tracy Faulkner, New Liskeard, Ontario

"The Theta Healing course was incredible. I took away from it way more than I anticipated. There was a lot to cover, but I felt it was a very thorough course. Nancy did a great job of keeping us on track and nurturing each of us through the process of learning, receiving, and releasing. Thank you Nancy for a beautiful three days".         Tiffany Lamoureux, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada

"My experience with the ThetaHealing course allowed me to become aware of deep seeded blocks and beliefs that i believe have prevented me from reaching and achieving my greatest self and purpose. I was able to meet with great women and share in their experience as well. The support from the group was encouraging. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to build upon my abilities, and I'm excited to progress with my journey to heal the world one person at a time!"       Kimberly Seguin, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Here's my feedback from this the ThetaHealing Course. This weekend was mind blowing!!! Nancy is so brilliant, organized, welcoming, full of knowledge, she's incredibly intuitive and all at the same time, and is so funny!!! What a special being!!! The 3 days just flew by, there is so much to learn, its incredible! Got to develop some amazing abilities, and practice them too. Very cool!!! Got to clear blocks, download multiple new feelings and beliefs, rise my consciousness, it was like having multiple sessions. Learned so much!!! This class is a must! Looking forward for Advance DNA.

- Raymond Bouchard, Chapleau, Ontario, Canada

I took the ThetaHealing Practitioner's Course and have so many things to say, 1st, Well organized. 2nd, Nancy took care of every little need we could have, like, breaks, snacks, water, note pads, pens, etc. Through the class, if some big emotions arose, she took the time to clear it... but still managed to keep the class going. I have to say.. she knows her stuff lol. Personally, I learned that I could do it, that I could be confident in my abilities, gifts. Not only I learned that, I also experienced it... I am sooooooooooooo amazed by it and grateful. We were reassured as needed, it felt comfortable and I felt at ease. Learned a lot with theta, very powerful. Thanks again Nancy xoxox.      - Nancy Leblond, Témiscaming, Québec, Canada

"Since taking the ThetaHealing® training a few weekends ago and tapping into my intuitive side even more, I’ve been finding feathers everywhere. For many years I’ve wanted to tap into my intuitive gifts but was too scared of what I would find, or what others would think. I always felt like I was intuitive and connected in a way that was different, and learned just days before the training that I have the gift of prophetic dreaming. A few days later, going through the training with a friend, I was able to tune into her deceased mother, describe her accurately and receive a message. It was so powerful and since then I’ve been practicing with others. The feathers I keep finding are a constant reminder that my gifts are real and I’m being guided and supported in powerful ways "Melissa Lamoureux, Timmins, ON, Can.

Last weekend, I took ThetaHealing Basic DNA training with Nancy. I was able to learn many things as well as how to combine it with my practice. This is a great addition to my current offering. Looking forward to the Advanced in September. Rollie Allaire.